A Matter of Legality: the Status of Rummy in India

In the nation of India, there are tremendously strict rules governing what it considers Gambling. Games of Chance are under heavy regulations while Games of Skill are given much greater leeway. The game of Rummy and its legality was brought before the Indian Supreme Court some time ago and its acceptance or rejection as a legal game was decided. This also determined just where the game could be legally played across the nation.

Since Rummy (Also known as Indian Rummy or Paplu) was a card game that involved randomly drawn cards, the question of Chance vs. Skill was raised and brought before the Indian Supreme Court. Rummy involves deliberately discarding and receiving cards to determine the highest point winner, so the courts saw it as more about Skill than simple Chance. The ruling determined that Rummy was a Skill Game and that this was applicable across most of the nation.

Afterwards, Rummy has now been accepted as a legal game online across the nation. You can play the game on any computer in India while playing the game with others away from a screen is a little harder to figure out. The Indian States of Assam and Orissa themselves have not stated whether or not Rummy is a Game of Chance or Skill, but they are expected to follow the rest of India in the near future.

For the most part, the legality of Rummy in India has been determined. Online, you can play it everywhere while offline, you can legally play it in most states except possibly in Assam and Orissa. How long this will remain for the foreseeable future is anyone’s guess, but the future appears to be looking bright for law-abiding players of Rummy in India.

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