Video Gamers Need To Relax And Take A Break

Since the 1990s, video games have increased in popularity and quality over the years. Nowadays it seems like everyone has an Xbox or a Playstation. Video games have been used as a way to keep children busy when their parents are busy, keep them out of trouble, or to help their children make friends. Unfortunately gaming can become addictive and lead to laziness, weight gain, and a slightly less vivid imagination.

Now some may argue that video games can help with motor skills, problem solving skills, and hand-eye coordination. While that has been proven true, despite those small advantages another host of problems can happen such as having limited social contact, tense muscles, and inattentiveness. So what can people do to entertain themselves without a controller?

Exercising is a very good alternative to sitting inside a dark room gaming for hours. It is much more beneficial to get outside and play games and other sports yourself instead of pretending to be someone else playing sports. It can help burn fat and calories, release endorphins, and improve your sense of wellbeing and stress level. Another bonus is Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. Going outside can help one to accumulate more of this vitamin and the fresh air will do some good and stave off colds and the flu.

Constant game playing can also result in sore tired muscles in the shoulder and back area. Being hunched over a controller pressing buttons can cause stress on your lumbar muscles and spine after a few hours. Going out and treating yourself to a massage can help to alleviate this problem. Massage therapy can release the tension and knots bound up in your muscles and promote healing and relaxation. It can also help to lower stress and clear your mind. Everyones’ mind needs a rest every once in a while and it could be helpful to learn how to self entertain and daydream at times.

Video games can be great fun and a good way for gamers to pass the time. However like everything else, moderation is the key. Try to limit yourself to only an hour or two a day with breaks in between. If you can’t seem to put the controller down, invest in a Wii or Xbox Kinect. These systems were designed to get people up and moving while still enjoying their gaming experience. Go to the library and read a book, it’ll stimulate your imagination a lot better than seeing everything already imagined on screen.

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